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Black Girls ...LEAVE Hollywood

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We need to leave or get our own studios. Yet another non-Black actress is starring as the lead in a movie about a Black girl. Chicas came out in full-force when Angelina Jolie took on the role of Marriane Pearl in "black-face." However, this time Mena Suvari throws in some cornrows and viola...a Black girl is born. *extreme sarcasm*

Stuart Gordon, whose films include Re-Animator, Castle Freak and Space Truckers, has the right to take creative license and make what ever kind of film he likes. But why didn't he use a black actress? Why was it okay to just put blonde, ethnically Estonian Suvari in cornrows? Why have Angelina Jolie play Marianne Pearl? There are so few black actresses in great, meaty roles (Jennifer Hudson in SATC does not count) and most of the big releases have male stars. There's a lack of parts for women in Hollywood altogether — do actresses of color have a chance if white women can just put on some corn rows (or a curly wig) and play "a particular kind of girl from a particular place" ?

To read the rest of the story and the synopsis of the film in question, "Stuck," go here.

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