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Black Girls Rock is Moving !!!!!


For the last few weeks I've been working on moving the site to its own domain. I'm finally finished and I hope you come by and check it out HERE !

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Gerard Butler : Who Really Lights His Fire ????


My girl Selena sent me this link of Gerard Butler and a "friend."

Ladies, do check this out...LOL.

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Who Really Loves The FULL Spectrum of Black Female Beauty ?


I could do without some of the musical selections, but enjoy the pics ! Let's see: mocha girls - check
brown girls - check
light brown girls - check
weaves - check
perms - check
kinky natural hair - check
curvy girls - check

Hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....it's a GREAT day to be a Black girl with options !

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Hotness of the Week

Hotness of the Week
Hugh....is that YOU ??!!!! (Ovary Flip)

Are You a New Age Black Woman ??

"AA women in 2008 are NOT concerned with who AA men date or marry because they do NOT belong to us AND we don't belong to them. AA women and AA men are ALL separate individuals, without any connection, aside from all being human beings." Evia


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